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Dew Queen Dab

Dew Queen Dab


Drops of liquid ice!

This Libation is the Queen of calm, cool, and serene complexions. The royal-remedy waves a gelid scepter over the skin as a preparation to nobly tone, to placate puffiness, and to soften scaring. One dab of this nice-ice Queen also eases gums and other oral issues. Anoint a drop of dew directly onto affected area or combine with a Best Skin Ever or Serum.

This rad Queen of our dewy dabs always helps you keep your cool. One dab where a bit of ice would be nice brings soothing calm. Dew Queen is a wise coalition of royal proportions, perfectly suited to be dabbed anywhere from tresses to toes to teeth. This dew is a sublime sensation on the nape of the neck too.

  • Frankincense - Boswellia carterii, Rose Otto - Rosa damascena, Peppermint - Mentha piperita, Immortelle - Helichrysum italicum

  • Directions: Morning and/or night apply to a freshly cleansed face with a Best Skin Ever or dab the spot needing TLC throughout the day. Simply tilt the bottle to release one drop onto your fingertip and apply directly to the spot. A little dab will do! Dab directly undiluted or as a beautiful additive to our Immortelle Best Skin Ever, Sandalwood Serum, Sandalwood Best Skin Ever, Soothsayer Serum, Rose Renewal, or Sundew Crème. Works well under makeup too. May also be combined with an Ozonated Dew Dab.

    This combo is coveted by estheticians and practitioners to apply before and after plasma facials.

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